Payroll – Our Newest Game is Finally Out!

2 years ago

business, design, games

So my newest game is finally out, and it only costs $1.

Kickstarter Post-mortem for Buck & Miles

3 years ago

business, design, games

Post-mortem for the Buck & Miles-Kickstarter project!

Murder Dog: Hayashi no Gaia: C.R.Y.S.T.A.L

3 years ago

design, games

This month we’ve been uploading sneak peeks of Astrojone projects that we’ll be undertaking once Buck & Miles is completed, which will probably be one or two years from now.

Kickstarter Learnings Thus Far

3 years ago

business, design, games

We were supposed to have launched our Kickstarter campaign for Buck & Miles over a month ago, on October 21. Suffice to say we underestimated the amount of work it took to prepare, as we are finally going to go live tomorrow. I have no idea whether we’ll succeed or not, but I figured I could at least share whatever insights we’ve come across, in case anyone else is interested.

Buck & Miles Development: Old Promotional Art

4 years ago

art, design, games

Since Buck & Miles is heavily inspired by games from the 80’s and 90’s we’ve been spending a lot of time picking apart our experiences growing up with them. One thing that has become abundantly clear is that beyond the games themselves, the promotional material, advertisements and product placements surrounding these franchises played an almost equally important part.