Cool Companies: Startup Vitamins

1 year ago

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Second to making great games I think that customer care and user communication are among the most important parts of running a game design studio. From what I’ve seen some game designers seem to be under the impression that the more creative of a product that you’re offering, the more leeway you can give yourself. This article is about my experiences with another company that I thought provided great customer care.

Super Adventures in Gaming: Realms of the Haunting

3 years ago

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My friend Ray from Super Adventures in Gaming just wrote a review of one of my all-time favorite games, Realms of the Haunting.

Cool Companies: Obsidain Entertainment

3 years ago

business, games, reviews

Ever since we decided to incorporate Astrojone in preparation for the Buck & Miles-Kickstarter campaign I’ve been paying extra attention to how other gaming companies treat their customers. I know how frustrating it can be having to deal with broken games only to realize that the developers have shielded themselves behind a knowledgebase or a forum with no other point of contact. I had a pretty pleasant encounter with Obsidian Entertainments’ operations manager a few years ago after having encountered several annoying bugs in Fallout: New Vegas.