Murder Dog: Hayashi no Gaia: C.R.Y.S.T.A.L

5 years ago

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Murder Dog

Spoken like a true poet.

This month we’ve been uploading sneak peeks of Astrojone projects that we’ll be undertaking once Buck & Miles is completed, which will probably be one or two years from now.

One of these games in particular is called Murder Dog, which is a pretty cool game that was originally co-produced with our good friends over at Tales of Game’s Studios, and directed and conceptualized by our dear old friend thecatamites.

Production started many, many years ago, but stopped due to technical limitations and other more important commitments.

We put a little sample up on YouTube along with a couple of other planned projects such as An Underwater Tale and Cowabunga Kid, in order to give people a tiny little taste of what might come.

Not big titles by any means, but something that we’re looking forward to wrap up after Buck & Miles. After all, I think we’d all like to know whether Murder Dog manages to uphold Ultimate Crimson Blood’s Fight Honor.