Cool Companies: Obsidain Entertainment

3 years ago

business, games, reviews

Ever since we decided to incorporate Astrojone in preparation for the Buck & Miles-Kickstarter campaign I’ve been paying extra attention to how other gaming companies treat their customers. I know how frustrating it can be having to deal with broken games only to realize that the developers have shielded themselves behind a knowledgebase or a forum with no other point of contact. I had a pretty pleasant encounter with Obsidian Entertainments’ operations manager a few years ago after having encountered several annoying bugs in Fallout: New Vegas.

Preparing for Kickstarter

3 years ago

business, games

Welcome to the new blog. I’m putting this up in preparation for my new studios’ Kickstarter project – Buck & Miles. It’ll go live on October 21st when Kickstarter (finally) opens up to Swedish project creators, so until then I’ll be sharing my insights and learnings on this page.